About us

About Bassworx

Bassworx, a division of JAM Industries, was foundedĀ  on the principle that innovation, functionality and aesthetics need not be mutually exclusive.

It is this quest that drives us to continually provide unique and current product solutions that never compromise performance and always ensure that the look and sound of our product is unsurpassed.

After re-inventing the box in 2002, Bassworx has brought the meaning of the word loud to another dimension. We’ve proven that you don’t need a custom enclosure to get maximum bass.

Countless hours are spent in the design and testing phases, ensuring that all of our products deliver quality, performance, convenience and eye-catching looks; the perfect blend of form and function!

From our line of state of the art subwoofer enclosures, to our array of connectivity hardware, you can rest assured that when you use Bassworx products, you are using the best!