Bassworx has built it’s reputation on delivering quality and cutting edge style into our products.

We’re positive you’ll find the same has gone into our car audio accessories. Whether you’re after premium cables for a custom install, or simply in need of an amplifier installation kit, we will surely exceed your expectations.
  • Premium grade materials and high manufacturing standards
  • Tight design tolerances ensure product performance and quality
  • Fit and finish that meets the criteria for true custom installation

System Flow Diagram

Our goal with Bassworx Accessories is to ensure you’re covered with the right gear for a professional and truly ‘custom’ looking installation. Below you will find a typical car audio system and a representation of signal flow from hood to trunk. Whether you’re starting with a pre-packaged installation kit, or buying ‘a la carte’, we offer the essentials necessary to develop clean, undistorted power and years of listening pleasure.

A typical car audio system consists of the following:

  • Head unit
  • Front speakers
  • Rear speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • 4ch amplifier
  • 1ch amplifier


Bassworx System Flow Diagram

Recommended accessories for a professional installation:

  • BBTPN x 1
    multi-out battery terminal
  • BFB48 x 1
    4 gauge fuse holder (20mm2)
  • BP4 x 25′ (7.6m)
    4 gauge power wire (20mm2)
  • BG4 x 10′ (3m)
    4 gauge ground wire (20mm2)
  • BRB17 x 3
    17′ interconnect (5.2m)
  • BFB248 x 1
    fused distribution block
  • BPB348 x 1
    power distribution block
  • BC2D x 1
    2 farad power capacitor
  • BS16 x 50′ (15.2m)
    16 gauge speaker wire (1.5mm2)
  • BST12 x 12′ (3.7m)
    12 gauge speaker wire (3.5mm2)