Power Capacitors

Today’s amplifier demands short bursts of high current which the average car battery can’t deliver. Our capacitors are designed to maintain a power reserve that is sufficient to drive those peak current requirements. Prolong the life of your gear and achieve maximum amplifier performance. The integrated distribution block saves you money by eliminating extra terminals.

Performance enhancing characteristics…

  1. Digital meter
    – essential for keeping tabs on critical system voltage
  2. Polycarbonate cover
    – protection against impact short circuits
  3. Dual-gauge input/output
    – 4ga (20mm2) or 8ga (8mm2) for both positive and negative
  4. Integrated distribution
    – simplified installation with no need for additional parts
  5. Platinum finish
    – high end appearance and maximum durability
  6. Installation accessories
    • – high impact mounting brackets
    • – banana clip charging resistor
    • – Allen keys
    • – screws
Model Specification
BC2D 2 farad – 20 volt surge