The words ‘quality’ and ‘reliability’ are pinnacle when describing fusible links. Should current loads reach levels beyond your system’s capability, you want to be certain that your fusing circuit is going to kick out in time. Our ANL fuses and resettable circuit breakers offer high current control, and visual indication of their condition.

Performance enhancing characteristics…

  1. Polycarbonate cover
    – impact protection against terminal shorting
  2. Circuit reset lever
    – indication of breaker condition and manual reset function
  3. Manual trip button
    – activate for immediate cut in main power
  4. Chrome plated
    – sleek finish and ensures resistance to corrosion
  5. Fuse condition indicator
    – integrated light illuminates when circuit has been broken
Model Specification
BCB150 150 amp, manual reset
BCB300 300 amp, manual reset
BF40M 40 amp, MIDI ANL, LED, 3 pack
BF60M 60 amp, MIDI ANL, LED, 3 pack
BF80M 80 amp, MIDI ANL, LED, 3 pack
BF100M 100 amp, MIDI ANL, LED, 3 pack
BF150A 150 amp, ANL, LED, 2 pack
BF200A 200 amp, ANL, LED, 2 pack
BF300A 300 amp, ANL, LED, 2 pack

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