Street Wedge Series

Street Wedge Series

Even in our highly popular, entry enclosure solution, Bassworx is unwilling to compromise on the build quality that we’re known for. The street Wedge enclosure is manufactured using the same high-quality MDF, rabbet and dado assembly methods, push-post terminal and top grade carpeting as our premium models. Properly matched with a small volume subwoofer, these enclosures are sure to impress!

Key features:

  • Wedge shape profile
  • Compact design
  • Push post terminal
  • 3/4” baffle & 5/8” MDF throughout
  • Top grade carpeting

SW8BSingle 8″ sealed11.75″8″9.75″0.27cf
SW10BSingle 10″ sealed15.75″8.75″13″0.54cf
SW12BSingle 12″ sealed18.25″10″15″0.88cf
SW15BSingle 15″ sealed22.25″10.75″18.5″1.45cf
SW208BDual 8″ sealed21.25″8″9.75″0.54cf
SW210BDual 10″ sealed28.75″8.75″13″1.08cf
SW212BDual 12″ sealed32″10″15″1.76cf
SW215BDual 15″ sealed39.75″10.5″18.5″2.9cf
SWP8BSingle 8″ ported17″10.75″9.75″0.56cf40hz
SWP10BSingle 10″ ported18.75″11.25″13″0.91cf40hz
SWP12BSingle 12″ ported20.25″12.25″15″1.23cf40hz
SWP15BSingle 15″ ported23″14″18.5″1.9cf40hz
SWP208BDual 8″ ported23.25″13.75″9.75″1.12cf40hz
SWP210BDual 10″ ported29.25″13.75″13″1.82cf40hz
SWP212BDual 12″ ported33″14.25″15″2.46cf40hz
SWP215BDual 15″ ported39.75″14.25″18.5″3.8cf40hz

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