System Flow Diagram

Our goal with Bassworx Accessories is to ensure you’re covered with the right gear for a professional and truly ‘custom’ looking installation. Below you will find a typical car audio system and a representation of signal flow from hood to trunk. Whether you’re starting with a pre-packaged installation kit, or buying ‘a la carte’, we offer the essentials necessary to develop clean, undistorted power and years of listening pleasure.
A typical car audio system consists of the following:
  • Head unit
  • Front speakers
  • Rear speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • 4ch amplifier
  • 1ch amplifier

Recommended accessories for a professional installation:

multi-out battery terminal

BFB48 x 1
4 gauge fuse holder (20mm2)

BP4 x 25′ (7.6m)
4 gauge power wire (20mm2)

BG4 x 10′ (3m)
4 gauge ground wire (20mm2)

BRB17 x 3
17′ interconnect (5.2m)

BFB248 x 1
fused distribution block

BPB348 x 1
power distribution block

BC2D x 1
2 farad power capacitor

BS16 x 50′ (15.2m)
16 gauge speaker wire (1.5mm2)

BST12 x 12′ (3.7m)
12 gauge speaker wire (3.5mm2)