The source of every car audio power system is the vehicle’s battery. Today’s amplifier demands a great deal of current for peak performance and voltage stability. Using our battery terminals offers the ability to run multiple power cables to your car audio system and vehicle’s electrical system. Starve for power, and you starve for great sound.


Performance enhancing characteristics…

  1. Multi-gauge output
    – 2x8ga / 1x4ga / 1x0ga (8mm2 x2 / 20mm2 x1 / 55mm2 x1)
  2. Adapter sleeve
    – works on both positive and negative battery posts
  3. Polycarbonate cover
    – protection against impact short circuits
  4. Direct connection
    – heavy duty hex screw barrel for maximum cable contact
  5. Platinum finish
    – high end appearance and maximum durability
BBTPN2x 8ga / 1x 4ga / 1x 0ga (8mm2 x2 / 20mm2 x1 / 55mm2 x1)
BSPSSide Post Adapter – Short
BSPLSide Post Adapter – Long
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