Truck series

Truck Series

Intricately designed with audio excellence in mind, this series is sure to leave its impression on your eyes and ears. The highly irregular interior lends to an acoustically advanced environment for your subwoofers, eliminating the nasty standing waves that lead to acoustic coloration. We engineered the reference series with a complexity that is anything but average.  Our proprietary Max-Flow-Port will deliver an extra boost to your bass performance in the sub-40Hz frequency range.

Key features:

  • Wedge shape profile
  • Maximized mounting depth
  • Slot port with sub-40Hz tuning
  • 5/8” MDF throughout
  • Rabbet and dado construction
  • Flush mounted push post terminal
TS8Single 8″ sealed14.5″6.5″12″0.35cf
TS10Single 10″ sealed17″7.75″13.5″0.6cf
TS12Single 12″ sealed22.5″8.5″14.75″1cf
TS208Dual 8″ sealed27.5″6.5″12″0.7cf
TS210Dual 10″ sealed32.25″7.75″13.5″1.2cf
TS212Dual 12″ sealed43.5″8.5″14.75″2cf
TP8Single 8″ ported20.75″7.5″12″0.6cf39hz
TP10Single 10″ ported26.25″7.5″14″0.9cf38hz
TP12Single 12″ ported28.75″8.5″16″1.3cf36hz
TP208Dual 8″ ported34.75″7.5″12″1cf39hz
TP210Dual 10″ ported42.75″7.5″15″1.6cf38hz
TP212Dual 12″ ported45.5″8.5″17″2.4cf36hz

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